Taking Care of Bulldogs

A resident of East Providence, Rhode Island, Joseph Silva is an account manager at Stryker Medical. He oversees a product line that includes hospital and critical care beds, support surfaces, and other medical furniture. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys a number of hobbies, such as wine making, inline hockey, and rollerblading. In addition, Joseph Silva owns a bulldog with whom he enjoys spending time. Before purchasing a bulldog, prospective owners should be aware of some key points about how to take care of the breed.
download (3)Bulldog puppies should be fed four times a day, then transitioned to two meals a day. The meals should be spread out over the course of a day to reduce flatulence and provide a good mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins. In terms of cleaning and grooming, bulldogs generally need to be bathed only once or twice a year. Bathing them too often will strip the natural protective oils from their skin. However, bulldogs need to be brushed with a bristle or rubber brush every one to two weeks.
images (1)Additionally, bulldogs require moderate outdoor exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight and prevent restlessness. Bulldog puppies should not be over-exercised. Owners should start by taking their dogs out for short walks and gradually increase the exercise intensity to an appropriate level. Owners also need to make sure that they do not to exercise their bulldogs when it is very hot outside because this breed is prone to heat stroke, which can be fatal. A dog should never be left in the car alone in the summer or be allowed to play vigorously with children in hot weather.